John Satchwell, President, Royal Marines Association, New South Wales, Australia

Welcome to the online presence of the Royal Marines Association of New South Wales.

Our Association was formed in 1913 by ex-Royals, some of who later worked on construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was then known as the Royal Marines Old Comrades Association. On May 1st 1976 there was a motion, that was carried, to become the Royal Marines Association, New South Wales Branch and it was known as this until 2001 when the Charities Commission in the UK started making demands on the RMA Branches with the usual amount of bureaucratic paperwork.

It was decided by all Australian Branches to break from central Office and become autonomous. This was with the blessing of Central Office. The title now is Royal Marines Association of New South Wales. Over its history the Association has met in all manner of places, mainly in Ex-Service clubs.

The current meeting place is Chatswood RSL on the first Sunday of the month at 1100 hrs. Hope to see you there.

Meantime, why not contact us or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Kind regards,

John Satchwell, President